C J Hilder


NZ Formulary

In 2011 NZ Medicines Formulary were looking for a way to convert a major electronic document, the British National Formulary, into a resource that was relevant to the NZ health system. On the face of it this was a matter of editing and rewriting the text. However, much more was expected: it was a requirement that databases of medicines, drug interactions, pharmacy labels, and so on, were incorporated into the text so that the writers did not have to enter this information. A seamless blend of database, knowledge base, and text documents was called for. I was engaged to engineer the blend. Working closely with a team of pharmacist writers and IT practitioners I designed a system that met the needs of both teams. I also played a large part in developing and delivering the product both as a web site and as a web service for incorporation in NZ health information systems. The NZF was successfully launched in July 2012.

NZ Universal List of Medicines

In 2008 the Ministry of Health wanted to create a single medicines database that could be used throughout the NZ health system to replace the multiple databases formerly in use. As principle consultant to the expert advisory committee I investigated several options, worked collaboratively to select a preferred solution, and developed an innovative way to represent the selected solution (an ontology or knowledge base) in a conventional database structure. A key to the success of this project was my ability to quickly develop a functional model that allowed the committee to experience the proposed system hands-on early in the decision-making process. The NZULM was subsequently developed from my designs.

Astronomy in Your Hands

In 2002 I developed a high quality paper star wheel, incorporating a good quality image of the Milky Way using custom-written software. I backed this up with classroom activities and a web site. My research into Māori star names enabled me to publish an authentic Māori version. Astronomy in Your Hands is an award winner and remains one of the most popular astronomy web sites on the Internet.

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